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The over 1700 estate planning clients I have served in the last 25 years have one common goal:  the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the people you choose will carry out the directions you choose to meet your needs and the needs of the beneficiaries you choose. Of course you want to make your own decisions for as long as possible, but who will act if you are incapacitated or die and how will they know your wishes? A proper estate plan does all that. I call it staying in control.

Whether its spouses providing for one another, parents providing for children, a single person providing for a significant other, a single parent providing for children, providing for a disabled person with special needs, providing for business ownership and management succession, establishing a business entity, keeping the family cottage in the family, reconciling allegiances to a current spouse and children of a prior marriage, children providing for parents, providing for a pet or a myriad of other circumstances: staying in control is the key.

I will address all of your concerns by listening, asking pertinent questions and applying the law to your personal facts and circumstances resulting in clear and concise documented solutions for you.

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Alvin H. Kriger makes it a priority to stay informed of changes in legislation with regards to estate planning, real estate and business organization.

Estate Planning

Changes to IRA inheritance laws

The United States Supreme Court, in a decision that surprised many, held that, after the death of an IRA owner, assets in an inherited IRA for a non-spouse beneficiary no longer constitute retirement funds

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Mr. Kriger often receives thank you notes, e-mails and comments from clients or family members expressing satisfaction with his work. Client identity is confidential information so the following are paraphrased from actual client communications.

Living Trusts

Some 20 years ago I heard about living trusts and my interest was piqued. I went to several seminars and did not feel comfortable with any of the presenters. I later attended a presentation by Mr. Kriger and was immediately impressed with a perfect blend of professionalism and manner that bespoke of real down home caring. I made an appointment with Mr. Kriger and he set up a trust with which I am very comfortable. He explained everything in great detail and invited my adult children to meet with him and us together. There have been questions since and they were addressed in a very patient manner. I wanted changes later on and Mr. Kriger got them expedited quickly and at a reasonable rate. Finally, I have telephoned him several times and he patiently resolved my questions. I would recommend him heartily.


Estate Planning

Some time ago Atty. Alvin Kriger reviewed and updated our estate plan and other important documents. Mom and I found Alvin to be an excellent attorney who took time to make sure our wishes are carried out if and when we are unable to do so. Alvin suggested we go through the plan with all three children so everyone understands what happens upon our death or incapacity.

This e-mail was sent by Mr. Kriger’s clients to their children.

Simple wills vs Estate Planning

“Thank you for the advice you gave my parents and the documents you prepared for them. We have had no problem accessing their accounts and carrying out their wishes. When my husband’s parents passed with only a simple will the probate cost was over $4000.00 and took over 18 months and the children got into arguments about stuff in the house. I and my brothers avoided all that because everything was spelled out.”

This note was received from a child of Mr. Kriger’s deceased clients.

Gifting Trust

“It’s been almost 5 years since you advised us to set up a gifting trust. Our daughter is grateful for the gifts. We know the money will be used for good things and not be wasted. We have reduced our taxable estate and we have the joy of seeing our child and grandchildren enjoy our good fortune while we are living.”
This note was received from a client.

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