Special Needs Trusts that work with SSI and Medicaid

Special Needs Trusts that work with SSI and Medicaid

People who are disabled and qualify for certain government benefits such as SSI and Medicaid are allowed very limited available assets if they are to remain qualified for their benefits. You can use a trust to provide for a disabled person and avoid having the trust assets disqualify the beneficiary from such benefits. Mr. Kriger has prepared many trusts which supplement and do not replace government benefits and which can substantially improve the beneficiary’s quality of life. Several of those trusts have been reviewed by the State of Wisconsin and the State has determined that the assets in those trusts do not disqualify the beneficiary from Medicaid or subject the trust assets to the State’s Estate Recovery rules after the death of the beneficiary. In short, get the right advice and you can make a Medicaid recipients life much better and you can control who gets the remaining assets after the beneficiary dies.

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